Could The Secret To A Comfortable And Carefree Retirement Be Hidden In This Picture?
Sand Grains

Dear Reader,

As strange as it may sound, the secret to a carefree and comfortable retirement may be hidden in the picture above.

That’s right…

Hidden in this unusual picture are both consistent cash flow and the opportunity for significant profits in the next two to five years.

That’s because what you see in the picture is a nonrenewable natural resource—let’s call it “Resource X”—that is experiencing astronomical demand growth that suppliers simply can’t keep up with.

Industry experts all agree that demand for Resource X is “extreme.”

“It’s one of the most sought-after commodities of the 21st century.” -WIRED magazine

WIRED magazine calls it “one of the most sought-after commodities of the 21st century.”

And, in one industry, demand is up 1,566% in just a few years time.

In fact, demand is so high… and supply so far below what’s needed… that there are growing black markets and violent mafia organizations whose only business is the illegal harvesting and selling of Resource X.

To discourage this activity, some of these countries have actually BANNED the commodity from being exported!

And yet, in spite of efforts to cool down demand for Resource X, the growth in this industry is not letting up. If anything, it’s about to explode higher.

You’ve Not Heard About This Before…

Now you may think you’ve already heard everything there is to hear about investing in natural resources. But let me tell you, this is NOT about:

  • Oil
  • Gold
  • Water
  • Timber
  • Natural Gas
  • Rare Earth Minerals

Let me also reassure you that this has NOTHING to do with marijuana or any illicit drugs. Resource X is 100% legal and in most places on Earth nobody would bat an eye at it or think twice about it.

And yet, in spite of its ordinary appearance, one industry insider says…

"[RESOURCE X] Is Worth More Than Gold"

From the extensive research I’ve done, I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard about the opportunity in Resource X before today. In fact, it was only recently that I learned of the opportunity myself.

But if it has so much potential, why haven’t you heard about it before?

Well, quite frankly, it’s been overlooked by just about everybody because it’s not a “sexy” Silicon Valley product that grabs headlines.

It has nothing to do with ride-sharing, scooter-sharing, social media, smartphone apps, or electric cars.

Rather, Resource X is used in many “bread and butter” industries that on the surface probably appear “boring” to most people.

And so this opportunity hasn’t received much media attention. And anytime it’s been covered, the stories haven’t circulated much beyond industry insiders.

Which is a crying shame!

Because once you see the massive growth and opportunity in this “boring” industry, I think you’ll agree that it’s actually incredibly exciting… possibly even life-changing for those few people who take advantage of the rest of the market’s blindness.

Now please pay close attention because, in the next few minutes, I’ll tell you exactly what Resource X is, what this opportunity involves, and how it could play a key role in funding the low-stress, carefree retirement you’ve dreamed of—including the possibility of triple-digit gains combined with a steady cash dividend.

But first I need to tell you a story…

Hi, I’m Kathleen Peddicord.

I’m recognized around the world as a retirement expert because for more than 30 years I’ve been investing, building businesses, and teaching others how to retire at any age and live wherever they choose.

In fact, I’ve traveled to more than 75 countries, invested in real estate in 24, established businesses in 7, and renovated properties in 6.

Although nobody knew me when I started, I’m now a regular contributor to U.S. News & World Report and Forbes, and I’m regularly quoted by The New York Times, Money magazine, The Economist, the AARP, and many more.

Kathleen Peddicord, Reality Check on Fox News
Kathleen Peddicord on Bloomberg's Real Economy

Today I have a whole team that is dedicated to this mission of helping people achieve the retirement of their dreams as early as possible.

Up until recently, we focused mostly on teaching others how to maximize retirement lifestyle at the lowest possible cost.

Yet many of our readers have written to ask what sorts of things to invest in to generate both income and wealth so they too can retire early, travel the world, and live a carefree life in the destination of their choosing.

Since my team and I have made many successful investments ourselves, I knew we had the experience to help our readers. So my partners and I founded a new division to do just that:

Lahardan Financial

Its mission? To provide you with cash flow and wealth for retirement—regardless of where you choose to live.

A Remarkable Discovery In Vietnam…

One of the first steps to fulfill our new mission was to find a Chief Financial Strategist for our new investment advisory service. Thus began a search that stretched over multiple years and continents.

Ultimately, I was looking for somebody different. I didn’t want any of the “usual suspects.” I wanted somebody with the right background who could bring a fresh perspective on investments and their wealth-building potential.

I posted a job opening. I asked for referrals. And I met with a number of promising candidates.

But it wasn’t until I traveled to Vietnam that I met the man I was looking for.

Leon WilfanHis name was Leon Wilfan.

What impressed me first was Leon’s background.

He had many years’ experience running a successful investment business. And he had taken a break from his investing career to get an MBA degree from the prestigious Vienna University of Economics and Business, the birthplace of Austrian economic theory.

Most importantly, Leon had developed a unique approach to investing and had multiple triple-digit hits to back it up.

Even better, it turned out he had been following our publications for a couple of years. He felt like he’d gotten to know us during that time, and he wanted to work with us specifically in our new venture.

So we invited Leon to come meet with us in Paris last summer. He flew from his current home in Slovenia and spent a week with us at our Paris office. Each day he impressed us more, and not only because of his sharp European features.

Our first day together I explained to Leon that the key to a financial advisory service of the kind he was interested in creating with us was… ideas. We needed big ideas that connected to profitable investment opportunities.

And not just ordinary investment ideas either. These big ideas would need to fit with our readers’ values and provide them with the sort of retirement income and low-risk growth opportunities they’re looking for.

Leon had anticipated this, so he was more than prepared. The next morning, he returned to our office at 9 a.m. with a leather portfolio in his hand.

“Would you like to hear my ideas?” he asked.

“Excuse me, Leon,” I said. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Well, you told me yesterday that we needed investment ideas. I have 10 of them. Would you like to hear them?”

“Why, yes,” I replied. “We would.”

Leon stood in the middle of the office and gave a presentation… going through each of the 10 ideas he’d come up with and researched.

Needless to say, I was impressed with Leon’s insights and his ability to identify such high-quality investment opportunities. And so I asked him to explain in more detail the specific methodology he uses for identifying potential investments.

The “Misfits” Method

Leon’s investment approach is geared toward low-risk, high-reward opportunities.

Through years of real-world investing experience, he’s developed a four-step approach he uses to find undervalued companies… or, as he likes to call them, “Misfits,” based on the acronym MSFT:

Misfits System

  • M is for Macro Conditions: In which direction are the macro forces moving the markets?
  • S is for Sector Potential: Which market sectors are best positioned to benefit from the underlying macro conditions?
  • F is for Fundamentals: How healthy is the stock and does it have high intrinsic value?
  • T is for Trigger: Has there been a price action signal telling exactly when to enter a trade?

When all these criteria have been fulfilled, that’s when Leon knows he’s found an opportunity that has relatively low risk and high upside.

In many cases, an opportunity may meet only three of the criteria. But that’s not enough to make a recommendation. All four criteria must be met—no exceptions.

That might sound a little harsh, but as you’ll see it pays to follow the rules.

Proof That The “Misfits” Method Works…

So does the Misfit Method actually work? Based on Leon’s track record, the answer is a resounding YES.

For example, he identified an undervalued bank and recommended it at $5.80 in December 2015. It then ran up to $21 in February 2018—a 262% return on investment in just 26 months.

In another case, he identified a stable dividend payer and recommended it at $42.30 in November 2010. It has paid a steady dividend of about 5% every single year for eight years.

The current price is now $43.24—still slightly above the entry price. That’s a 40% low-risk “cash in your pocket” return on investment. The best part is that this stock will continue paying this dividend year after year like clockwork.

In August 2018, he recommended a railroad company at $47. Just 9 weeks later, he closed the position at $70 a share for 49% profits.

And that’s not all. Leon has also made some spectacular gains in alternative investments, including these…

  • a 120% gain in just 3 months
  • a 59% gain in just 3 months
  • a 36% gain in just 5 months
  • an 86% gain in just over 2 months

Keep in mind, these alternative investments were not limited to accredited investors or the ultra-wealthy. They were (and still are) available to anybody.

To put these gains into perspective, if you had invested just $1,000 in Leon’s undervalued bank recommendation and cashed out in time to parlay that into his 120% alternative investment, you would have walked away with $5,217.28… and a profit of $4,217.28.

$5,217.28 "Seed" Funds

If you had taken that full sum of money and rolled it into Leon’s railroad recommendation, you would have walked away with another $2,553.14 in profit… and an amazing $7,770.42 nest egg.

$7,770.42 Nest Egg

All in just two years…

And if you had started with $30,000 instead of just $1,000, you would now be sitting on a small fortune of $233,112.65nearly a quarter million dollars in cold hard cash!

$233,112.65 Nest Egg

Can you imagine turning $1,000 into $7,770.42… or $30,000 into $233,112.65… in just two years? A 677% ROI. The idea almost defies belief. But we verified and double-checked Leon’s records… and they all added up.

And here’s the really exciting part. While the types of triple-digit gains Leon took advantage of are rare, they happen every year. And, if you know what to look for, you too can take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves.

Since we brought Leon on as our Chief Financial Strategist, we’ve seriously analyzed a handful of different opportunities. But one of them kept jumping out at us because of how utterly unique it is…

Do You Dream Of A Retirement Like This?

If you’re like most people, your retirement plan involves travel to some of the world’s most exotic beaches… beaches where you can feel the champagne sand between your toes and smell the ocean in the air.

Can you imagine? No more job responsibilities. No more time commitments. And no more stress from commuting or working a 9-to-5.

In place of all that, you now get to enjoy rest, relaxation, and recreation as you explore the beaches of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Phuket, Santorini, Crete, the Maldives, and on and on…

Besides the ocean, what do all these beaches have in common?


Sand, and lots of it.

As you walk on those beaches, you notice the sand is quite different from place to place. The colors are different, the textures are different. You begin to realize that the quality of the sand determines the quality of the beach. It’s easy to see.

Now here’s the new idea that Leon presented to us, the new idea I’d like you to consider:

What if sand could actually help fund your retirement plans—including your travel to exotic beaches around the world?

I know the idea might sound a little bit crazy. After all, from birth we’ve been told that sand is one of the most common natural resources on Earth.

But while sand in the generic sense is common, certain types of sand are actually less common than you think.

For example, desert sand is abundant, but, due to its shape and the cost of transportation, can’t be used in most industrial applications.

On the other hand, sand from beaches, lake shores, and river beds is in extremely high demand, and in large quantities.

And if you grab a piece of this “boring” market right now, it could pay you dividends and appreciation for years to come.

So How Big Is The Appetite For Sand?

Most-Used Natural Resources

Sand is the third most used natural resource behind only air and water. And while it may seem like sand will never run out, we’re actually running out of it faster than any time in history.

Quality sand is the most important ingredient in concrete and glass.

It’s also a critical ingredient in electronics. Sand is used to make the silicon chips in computers, smartphones, and hundreds of other electronic devices.

Sand improves your life every single day. Without sand, you would not enjoy the modern lifestyle you enjoy today.

And every year, as the population grows, humans demand more concrete, more glass, more computers, more electronics.

So whenever government decides to invest in infrastructure by building new roads and bridges, demand for sand spikes.

Whenever new buildings and parking garages start popping up in a city, demand for sand spikes.

Whenever demand for smartphones and computers increases, demand for sand also increases.

Believe it or not, demand for sand in overseas countries is even greater than in the U.S.

Singapore, for example, has become the world’s largest importer of sand. They have dumped millions of tons of sand into the ocean to add more than 50 square miles to its land area.

And China used more concrete between 2011 and 2013 than the U.S. did in the entire 20th Century!

Trade Value Of Sand

Thanks to this astounding consumption, the trade value of sand has increased by almost sixfold in the last 25 years.

Today, the sand industry is worth nearly $9 BILLION in the U.S. alone and growing fast.

As you can see, demand from the construction industry alone keeps sand in high demand and short supply.

This strong and steady demand continues to drive up the price of sand.

But there is a relatively new and fast-growing source of demand that is gobbling up hundreds of billions of pounds of quality sand and putting additional strain on the already-diminishing reserves of minable sand.

This Fast-Growing Industry Is Eating Up Hundreds Of BILLIONS Of Pounds Of Sand

Thanks to technological advances and rising oil prices, fracking—the process used to extract oil from underground shale—has become a massive industry in the U.S.

The first major fracking operation in the U.S. was in the Bakken region of the Dakotas. It made headlines for many years because of the wealth it brought to the area.

But the Bakken was part of the first wave of the fracking revolution. Today, we’re at the early stages of what experts are calling “a major second wave” of fracking activity.

The Permian Basin of West Texas is at the epicenter of this “second wave.” It is by far the largest fracking operation in the U.S. and has much more oil and is much bigger than the Bakken.

A map showing the major shale regions of the United States.

In fact, according to analysts at the consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, the Permian Basin is now the “largest and most important source of oil supply growth in the world.”

The way fracking works is they drill down into a well and pump tons of sand into the well to break up the shale and make it easier to extract the oil and natural gas.

The process of hydraulic fracturing.As Leon explained, the sand is considered a “proppant”—something that “props open” the shale so the liquid is easier to extract.

This natural industry growth has caused a huge spike in demand for frac sand. But what’s really driven up demand are the technological advances made within the last few years.

Horizontal wells now stretch much further than they used to. Plus, “drillers have been packing more frac sand per foot into the laterals of horizontal wells.”

As wells get larger and as drillers pump more sand into wells to maximize oil production, there is a multiplier effect on sand demand.

A few years ago, the largest wells consumed 1,500 tons of frac sand, or about 3 million pounds.

Today, the largest wells consume up to 25,000 tons of frac sand, or 50 million pounds.

Sand Consumption By Largest Wells Up 1,566%

In other words, today’s largest wells are using 1,566% more frac sand than just a few years ago.

Overall frac sand demand in the U.S. is expected to reach 231 billion pounds by 2023. That’s more than double the demand in 2014 and more than quadruple the demand in 2011.

Of course, the way things are going, these projections may actually be on the conservative side.

As IHS Markit report author recently observed…

[Frac sand] demand is at record highs — the growth rate is extreme by any measure.

Exploding Demand, Shrinking Supply

As you can see, the combined demand from the construction, electronics, and oil drilling industries have put an enormous strain on the world’s sand supplies.

But here’s the real kicker.

Sand is nonrenewable.

Once it’s used, it is used up and cannot be used again. And there is no new sand to replace the sand that was taken.

This is because sand is formed over thousands of years as wind and water erode rocks. There is no process for accelerating the formation of sand.

But what about deserts?

Good question. I wondered about this myself.

Turns out, most of the sand used in construction and industrial applications comes from river beds, lake shores, and beaches.

This is because there are multiple problems with desert sand.

  1. Desert sand is actually too round to make concrete.
  2. The cost of transporting desert sand over long distances makes it prohibitive for use in most fracking operations.
  3. Last but not least, many deserts are protected by the government and cannot be mined for sand.

So, let’s quickly summarize the five major factors affecting sand:

  • The demand for quality sand is skyrocketing.
  • The supply of quality sand is shrinking fast.
  • Once used, sand cannot be used again.
  • No new sand can be created to replace sand that’s been used up.
  • Deserts are not a good source of sand.

You don’t have to be an economist to see that these are the PERFECT conditions for rising prices.

All of which raises an extremely important question. That is, how can YOU grab a piece of the sand business so that you profit both now and into your retirement?

How SAND Could Help Fund Your Retirement

Right now, there are more than a few businesses that specialize in mining, manufacturing, and transporting frac sand.

But there are two that stand out. And, Leon says, one in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Balance Of Profits

This company has a track record many decades long as an innovator in industrial silica products. It is also well-balanced in its business activities. Its industrial minerals produce 37% of profits, and its oil and gas proppants (which includes frac sand) produce 63% of profits.

The company owns 21 silica sand plants, offering more than 210 industrial silica products and both types of frac sand: northern white and Texas brown.

It has the most extensive transload network in the U.S. oil and gas industry. It has 50 transload terminals located in all the major basins, and all of them are within a 50-mile range of 85% of all U.S. shale rigs.

In other words, this company is uniquely positioned to direct the supply of frac sand to where it’s needed most.

76% Improvement In Delivery Time

They’ve also developed a new delivery solution that reduces delivery time by 76% and is compliant with OSHA’s new Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard.

This new technology gives them a clear edge over their competitors.

Further protecting the company’s already dominant position are the huge barriers to entry for any competitors seeking to get into the sand business.

The capital required just to get started is astronomical. So it is unlikely that any new company could threaten this century-old company.

So is the company doing well financially? Yes. In fact, their top five industrial customers have been purchasing from them for more than 50 years on average. That’s a long time!

This kind of multi-decade customer loyalty—and the financial stability it provides—are rare for any company in any industry. It’s just not that common.

Right now, this company pays a steady modest dividend. So if you hold onto your shares, you’ll enjoy dividend income every year.

But, ultimately, it’s the growth potential that is the most exciting part about this company…

Potential Gains Of 85% Up To 592%

The price of this stock has recently been beaten down due to the general decline in the market, which makes this company even more appealing.

Because the fundamentals driving this company haven’t changed. In fact, they’re better than ever!

Maybe this is why, out of 22 research firms, 15 of them actively recommend investing in this company. None recommend selling or decreasing exposure.

Strong BuyAnd, in another survey, the consensus of 11 analyst firms wasSTRONG BUY.”

But here’s what’s really interesting…

Of the firms recommending this company, their average price target is 85% higher than the stock’s current price!

And even that price is well below the stock’s multi-year high. In fact, if you bought shares of this company today at current prices… and the stock ran back up to its previous highs… you’d be sitting on profits of 592%!

Here’s what that means…

If you put $10,000 into shares of this company’s stock today, it would have the potential to grow to $69,230. And it could grow to even more than that.

Good news…

Sand WarsLeon has written a brand-new Special Report about the unique opportunity in sand.

It’s called “Sand Wars: How This Unsung Resource Holds The Secret To True Retirement Wealth.” Not only does Leon reveal the company described above, along with recommended entry and exit price targets… he also names another frac sand play that could pay off BIG in the next couple years.

This new report is valued at $99.00, but as the publisher of Leon’s newsletter True Retirement Wealth

I’d Like To Send You This Special Report FREE Today

Retail: $99.00
Your Cost: $0

To be clear, Leon’s “Sand Wars” report reveals not one, but TWO well-positioned frac sand companies that deserve a place in your retirement portfolio.

In just a minute, I’ll tell you how to add your name to the list to receive a free copy of this brand-new special report.

But first, you should know that Leon’s research recently turned up another BIG opportunity that could pad your retirement…

Pile Up Profits With This New South American White Powder Export…

Take a look at this stuff:

Pile of Lithium

This white powder is quickly becoming South America’s most important export!

I know it looks like it could be cocaine… or maybe powdered milk or sugar. But it’s neither. It’s actually lithium.

Why should you be interested in lithium?

Because lithium is the primary metal used in lithium-ion batteries. In 2017, 43% of all lithium demand came from rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Demand for lithium is increasing quickly due to growth in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. In fact, demand for lithium for automotive applications is forecasted to more than DOUBLE by 2020.

And it’s not just EVs that are gobbling up lithium.

Large “Battery Energy Storage Systems” (BESS) are essential for the functioning of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. This emerging battery technology uses large amounts of lithium.

Rechargeable Battery Demand

So, between EV batteries and Battery Energy Storage Systems, analysts are convinced that demand for rechargeable batteries should increase 379% by 2025, at which point it will represent 75% of all lithium demand.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

Up until now, most of the lithium has been mined from expensive hard-rock deposits in Australia. But with the discovery of an affordable new source of lithium in South America, that is quickly changing.

High up in the Andes, hidden beneath the desert floor, is lithium-rich brine.

Lithium miners operating in the Atacama desert are far more cost-effective than their counterparts around the world. Their cost per ton is HALF what it is to mine the same lithium in Australia.

As you can imagine, these South American lithium miners have a huge competitive advantage due to their super-low cost of production.

And the profits are MASSIVE.

lithium mining profits

In 2018, the price to purchase 1 ton of lithium was $16,500… while the average cost to produce 1 ton of lithium in the Atacama desert was just $3,000.

So these miners are making a massive $13,500 profit on every ton of lithium they sell! And this profit goes straight to their bottom line.

One company stands out from the crowd because they have secured the most lithium rich deposits in the area… which will produce stable cash flows for years to come.

This is why this company is able to pay shareholders a juicy dividend north of 5%.

And now that the government has authorized the company to expand its lithium production quota by 154%, profits are set to explode.

South America’s New White Powder Export: Using Lithium To Supercharge Your Retirement SavingsLeon has put all of this research into another brand-new report called “South America’s New White Powder Export: Using Lithium To Supercharge Your Retirement Savings.”

This new report is also valued at $99.00, but you can get a copy FREE today. You’ll immediately discover the lithium miner described above, how to invest in it, along with guidance on how much to pay and price targets for selling.

When Leon shared these ideas with me, I was thrilled, especially for readers like you.

Because these are exactly the types of opportunities that could provide both the dividend income and capital appreciation you’ll need to live the retirement of your dreams.

Of course, Leon is a deep financial researcher. He researches companies and their profit potential for fun. So he went above and beyond by identifying a THIRD opportunity that could launch your retirement account into the stratosphere…

How To Profit From The New 21st Century “Space Wars”

Leon recently explained to me that space technology is in the midst of its first major disruption in decades.

While this disruption has been building momentum for a few years now, it finally reached a tipping point in June 2018 when President Trump called for the creation of a new branch of the military called the “Space Force”—which could become reality as soon as 2020.

A major initiative of the Space Force will be to launch a number of smaller satellites to “shore up” space-based assets against attack from foreign enemies.

The Air Force already operates 77 satellites that are “vital to detecting nuclear detonations and missile launches.” Officials believe that smaller satellites will be harder to target than larger ones. They will also be cheaper to replace if they are attacked.

At an industry conference last year, Gen. John Hyten, Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, said, “I won’t support the development any further of large, big, fat, juicy [satellite] targets. We are going to go down a different path.”

In fact, the Defense Department has allocated $117.5 million under project “Blackjack” to develop small, lower-cost satellites.

Major defense contractors have already taken notice. For example, Lockheed program manager Joel Thorson says he is expecting “exponential growth” in demand for small spacecraft.

But here’s the problem: Space is running out of space!

I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.

Space Junk

Consider this: As of July 2016, around 18,000 artificial objects were orbiting Earth, including spent boosters, out-of-commission satellites, misplaced equipment, and approximately 1,500 operational satellites.

Anytime a new satellite is sent up, it must avoid the 18,000 other objects hurtling around Earth… and… take its own spot orbiting Earth well out of reach from other man-made objects.

This is easier said than done. After all, there are only so many satellites that can safely occupy the limited number of positions available for Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO).

With the space sector heating up, Leon has identified a company that is well-positioned to profit and hand investors potentially stratospheric gains.

This particular company already owns 22 satellites. More importantly, it owns the orbits these satellites already occupy. This means it could lease out its satellites to the military or other private sector companies that win military contracts.

This is why this company is positioned better than any other publicly traded company to capitalize on the new “Space Wars.”

DOD Contract

Furthermore, the U.S. military has already awarded the company a contract to help them standardize their satellite signals. If the Pentagon decides to implement the prototype across the military, this company’s stock will skyrocket.

The stock price is currently undervalued with a lot of room to run. If it hits Leon’s 2-year price target, it would hand investors triple-digit gains of 130%.

Space Wars: This Stock Is Set To Skyrocket From The New 21st Century Space WarsLeon has written a third special report that explains in detail the opportunity created by the new “Space Wars.” This report also includes an analysis of the one company he recommends, along with recommendations for when to buy and when to sell.

This new report has a value of $99.00, but you can get this report—along with the other two special reports—FREE when you act today.

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It’s pretty simple.

Because Leon Wilfan is not yet well-known, I want you to see for yourself how valuable his research is. I want you to watch your retirement account grow. I want you to see the dividend payments being deposited in your account.

And, ultimately, I want you to have the financial security and comfortable retirement you’ve always wanted… the same kind of lifestyle featured regularly in our other publications.

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The Misfits Method RevealedI’m also going to toss in a fourth free report that explains in-depth Leon’s process for identifying lucrative opportunities. As you know, it’s called the “Misfit Method,” and I shared a little about it at the start of this message.

But I think you’ll benefit greatly from reading Leon’s explanation of the Misfit Method, in his own words, including some details I wasn’t able to share here.

For example, Leon actually scores companies based on the four primary criteria of the Misfit Method. He then adds the scores up to arrive at a final overall score.

He explains this scoring process in the report and even shares the scores he’s given to the companies featured in the free reports you’ll soon be receiving.

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5 Stocks To Avoid If You’re Retiring In The Next 3 Years ($79.00 Value!)

Five Stocks To Avoid If You're Retiring In The Next Three YearsIf you have any of these five stocks in your portfolio, you should sell them right now. I’m not joking.

Even though some of these have analyst “buy” or “hold” ratings, Leon has dug into their financials and discovered some pretty scary “landmines” that could cause these stocks to implode at any moment.

Even scarier, these stocks are in overhyped sectors that have grabbed all kinds of headlines over the last 12 months, so there’s a strong possibility you own one of these companies right now. Included in the list:

  • An ecommerce company whose stock has rocketed up 352% in just three years even though it’s never turned a profit, has a negative book value, and has more liabilities than assets.
  • A popular high-flying cannabis company that is currently overvalued by a staggering 748.4% (!!)

7 Alternative Ways To Create Extra Cash Flow For Retirement ($49.00 value!)

7 Alternative Ways To Create Extra Cash FlowWhen it comes to setting yourself up for retirement, you don’t want to be strictly in equities. You want to reduce your risk and maximize income potential by diversifying into other assets.

In this report, you’ll discover 7 alternative ways to create cash flow in retirement. None of these ideas involves trading your time for money. Rather, they’re all ideas for transforming your capital into ongoing hands-free income. For example, you’ll discover:

  • A little-known method for collecting 4% to 10% per year on Certificates of Deposit. (Yes, you can make good money on CDs if you do it the right way.)
  • How to grab a piece of the $2.6 Trillion international cargo business. The best part: You don’t have to invest much to get started, and long-term contracts help to lock-in your income stream for up to five years at a time.

A Bulletproof Portfolio That Will Carry You Through Retirement No Matter What The Market Does ($99.00 value!)

A Bulletproof Portfolio that Will Carry You Through Retirement No Matter What the Market DoesIf you’re near retirement or you’ve already retired, it’s critical to preserve your capital.

Why? Because if your portfolio loses money, there’s a good chance you won’t have time to wait for your investments to recover. And you’ll be forced to sell at a loss.

You can’t afford for that to happen. So in this report, I’m going to show you how to make your portfolio “bulletproof” so that it maintains its value no matter what happens in the world. You’ll discover:

  • 13 stocks, bonds, and ETFs that will “bulletproof” your portfolio… plus an additional “off Wall Street” investment to give you added protection in retirement.
  • The precise allocations for your retirement funds to minimize risk and preserve capital. (It’s very important you get the allocations right!)

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